Rösta på "Soar" (Nomark) - utmanare på Svenska Närradiolistan

“Soar” challenges Svenska Närradiolistan again!

A while ago, our first single “Tell me” was at the top of the charts for two consecutive weeks, and this week, the song “Soar” has made it onto the list as a contender! Incredibly exciting! There are several ways to vote, so if you want to help us climb the charts, please vote!

You can vote until Sunday, May 14th, at 23:00.

If you want to vote, you can do one of the following:

  • WEB VOTE (1 point): You can vote once a day on topplistan.eu (click here).
  • SMS VOTE (5 points, costs 5 SEK): Send an SMS to 72550, write: SNL 22 (note the space before the number).
  • SMS VOTE (10 points, costs 10 SEK): Send an SMS to 72550, write: SNL TIO22 (note no space before the numbers).

Thank you so much from us!

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