A tribute to Aretha Franklin, Musikens hus

A tribute to Aretha Franklin

Public  II  
Live  II  
Date: 2023-09-22
Place: Musikens hus, the big stage
Time: 20:00

The major success is back! Aretha Franklin, one of our time’s greatest singers, is celebrated by phenomenal artists and an incredibly talented All Star Band. A suggestive, vibrant knockout swing that must be experienced! Previous concerts at Nefertiti sold out in no time.

Songs from Aretha’s entire career and repertoire are promised during an entire evening. Admission begins at 7:00 PM, and the concert is estimated to start around 8:00 PM.

Here are the artists and musicians:

  • Åsa Nomark, charismatic and soulful soul and gospel singer. Many have also encountered her as a choir leader and singing inspirer. Currently promoting her new CD “Soar” and its accompanying release tour in spring 2023.
  • Emrik – M-Rock – as everyone knows, the king of funk with a cool outfit! Relentless and hypnotically groovy when Emrik reigns. Impossible to resist!
  • Erik Mjönes, singer, musical artist, and music radio personality. Stands firmly on stage with strength, elegance, and precision in perfect harmony. Frequently hired as a backing vocalist for TV productions.
  • Karin Klingenstierna, a leading lady with a power voice. Soaring high with great luminosity and heartfelt audience interaction. Also serving as the evening’s MC.

All Star Band:
Paula af Malmborg, keyboard, vocals
Per Strandberg, guitar, vocals
Owe Almgren, bass
Vanja Holm, percussion, vocals
Tomas Olsson, drums
Mia Samuelsson, trumpet
Elisabeth Engdahl, saxophone

NOTE: Only a limited number of seated places are available (for those who truly need to sit). The rest is standing and dancing.

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